How to create million dollar holiday tablescapes on a budget |

2021-12-22 06:22:23 By : Ms. Ms Hermione

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — If you're in charge of a holiday party, festive dinner, or the Christmas meal, making your table pop isn't always easy, especially if you're not feeling super crafty or creative. 

But don't fret; that festive feast help is here!

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey tackled tablescaping 101 with the owners and pros from Pocono Picnic, Jamie and Lori.

Their fairly new company is one of our area's "first pop-up picnic experience that specializes in "perfect-for-selfies" and romantic custom picnic spot experiences and luxurious table styling."

Jamie and Lori are known in Northeastern Pennsylvania for setting up eye-catching, social media savvy snapshot-worthy picnics in the warmer weather.

On Thursday, the pair joined Ryan just outside of Tobyhanna to offer some "news you can use tips" to help take your holiday table decor from maybe a two all the way to ten. And, without breaking the bank! 

The following tips are courtesy of the team at Pocono Picnic : 

Tip: Use extra wrapping paper for a table runner for an inexpensive way to bring your table together.

Tip: Add Christmas Tree Topper or inexpensive florals from Dollar Tree or Walmart to add some pizzazz to your centerpiece.

1. Group  your centerpieces in odd numbers

Group your centerpieces or décor in odd numbers. It is more appealing to the eye and allows for adequate spacing. You can choose if you want your table to be symmetrical or asymmetrical. Remember to add elevation because it allows your eye to easily move across your table.

2. Add Layers to your plate

Just like we like to add layers to our clothing in the wintertime, the same concept should be added to our plates. Using multiple sized plates on one setting adds comfort. So, laying up! If you can’t find cute ceramic dishes this Christmas season, the plastic plates are perfect, too! Plus, you don’t have to worry about cleaning extra dishes.

This is the time to go BIG! Choose BIG BOLD colors for your décor. This will brighten up your home and add warmth/comfort.  You can mix and match metals. Additionally, you can include pine cones and greenery to add a touch of mother nature to your table and décor. Do not be shy this holiday season; it is time for you to BOLDLY SHINE!

The more you add, the merrier your table will be.  Add twinkle lights, touches of cranberries, even garland to fill those empty spaces. You can even layer your table runners. The best part of the holiday season is to go big. Create a space that everyone around you will feel comfortable to relax and enjoy the atmosphere around them.

You want your family and friends to feel belonged! So, show them there is space for them around the table. Use gift tags, ornaments, or even write their name on a sugar cookie (a treat for later). Anything will do. It shows that you took the time and thought of them before they even appeared on your doorstep. EXTRA TIP- have a few extra name cards ready just in case if you have unexpected guests.

Their goal is to provide "Insta-worthy services for Date Nights, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Engagements and Proposals, Bachelorette Parties, Gender Reveals, Baby Showers, Girls Weekends, Family Reunions and more!"

Pocono Picnic sets it up at a location of your choice, brings the food if you choose, and returns to take care of all the cleanup once finished. Costs:

Prices for picnics start around $200 and up, depending on what type of package you choose. VIEW THEM HERE! 

You can connect with this group at their website HERE. 

They're also on Facebook and Instagram. 


The videos below are from July when Newswatch 16 first met Jamie and Lori from Pocono Picnic. 

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